Divinità Fluviale II sec. d. C. Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli

My archeological view

To define my archeological and art photography I prefer to use th words reserved to me by the professor Rocco Pititto.

The looks of Jommelli recreate a dreamlike world, where dreams find their material abode and new modes of existence appear with other resonances and other emotional tones. They are objects of the material world, which are invested and solicited almost forcefully by the photographer’s gaze, they come out of arrogance from the oblivion of time, in which they had been kidnapped for centuries, and ask to still live a full life and become meeting places and dialogue. Claim their role in the construction of the new city of men. Declined together give life to a world defined in its parts, where the ultimate measure is the rule of order. The stunning, which results from it, is the result of a beauty beyond space and beyond time that creeps everywhere and colors the existence of the colors of life.


My conceptual view

Reality is not always as it appears to us. My photographic work is based on representing through the photos the thin line that divides reality as it appears to us, from what lies behind it. Reality becomes a dream, imagination, an own idea, a personal experience. My photography wants to be the reality that hides an illusory and metaphysical aspect of existence. But reality still remains reality. The visual lesson of Reneé Magritte remains the starting point of my photographic research in this field.


My landscape view

Probably everyone knows that the landscape is crucial for our well-being: we look for places whose view gives the sense of harmony, vivacity or singularity (what is harmonious is not hostile, what is lively is cheerful, what is singular prefigure new and therefore interesting things); instead we flee the places whose view gives the sense of disorder, of flatness, of predictability. A balanced and orderly landscape produces calm, psychic security and aesthetic enjoyment; a disordered landscape or with elements of random dissonance produces discomfort. The dissonances and the varieties can produce a beautiful landscape, provided they are not trivial and free. My landscapes pictures are not choosen with a criterium of absolute beauty, but for the emotions they are able to create.


My reportage view

The main aspect of my professional research is that I have never been interested in a complacent and indulgent photography, but I am passionate about issues that involve me emotionally. Photography before being made with eyes and lights, has to be immaginated with the heart. I am interested in the ancient world and the surreal dimension of the world around me. Magritte paintings inspire me also a lot, in those artworks there is no man but everything speaks of his despair and his abandonment.